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About Us

Our Story

Warriors Helping Warriors was started in December 2013 by Retired Major Kevin Conley. Major Conley and his family became frustrated dealing with the Veterans Administration (VA) and the military medical transition system when he returned home, injured from his deployment in Afghanistan. Major Conley sought out other veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan and discovered they had similar difficult experiences dealing with the health and retirement systems within the VA and military. They also noticed the lack of support and resources for Veterans' spouses, caregivers and children.

Major Kevin Conley began sharing known resources with local injured veterans and their families.  Realizing there was a great need, Kevin and his children, Dylan and Brynn Conley, began formalizing an organization with the help of his parents, Retired Lt. Col. Bill Conley and Marsha Conley.  Warriors Helping Warriors Inc. is in the State of Delaware and deemed a non profit by the IRS.

The organization has opened a resource center in Middletown, Delaware for veterans and their support systems needing assistance. The Center has a conference room, a recreation room, and living space for homeless veterans.  Available at the center we will have a resource center for veterans and their caregivers to discover what resources are available.


The Brian Conley Veteran Resiliency Center public space includes a multi-purpose room,  study/ conference room,  lounge and kitchenette. It also includes residential space homeless veterans with bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms. The center offers programs to support health and wellness,  housing, resource and benefits education, financial planning, recreation, peer support and mental health.  

Mission Statement

The Brian Conley Veteran Resiliency Center is an educational, counseling and residential center for Veterans and their families to receive support while reintegrating back into society after active duty.

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